Sunday, May 20, 2012


My mother has one almost identical to this one
Teapots of some sort have been used for almost as long as tea has been around. Teapots are made out of almost any material you can find. My mother has a few teapots from Asia. Those teapots are usually made out of a heavy cast iron. We also have one that dates back to who knows that's been in my father's family heirlooms. It is made of fine bone china decorated with a swirl of intricately detailed black dragons on a burnish red background. When you hold this teapot up to the light, you can see through its fine porcelain layer. We've never looked into the background of this teapot complete with cups and saucers, but who knows one day I may take the time to research its background. Now, on to another place, the one's from England are traditionally more often made out of ceramic or porcelain and usually come with a set of matching teacups, creamer, and sugar bowl which makes a whole tea set. Certain teapots need to be taken care of in special ways. Like some glass teapots can't be put on a direct flame. Also, certain teapots aren't dishwasher or microwave safe. No matter what material or century your teapot comes from, it is always important to brew your tea so you get the best flavor from the pot it comes from.

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