Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot and Cold Tea

Drinking tea hot and drinking tea cold, are very different experiences. When you drink hot tea, it may have a stronger aroma and maybe even a little different taste. Drinking hot tea is very beneficial when you may be sick with a sore throat. Cold or iced tea is a very common way to drink tea. You can brew up a hot pot of tea, then just  add some ice cubes to make it iced. This is a very refreshing way to drink tea on a hot summer day. Whether it's hot or cold, tea is enjoyable.

Tea is Found Worldwide

Throughout the world I imagine there are probably over 1000 different types of tea. Tea is drunk all over the planet. Asia is known for having a lot of tea and drinking it daily with meals. A type of tea known to me that is very common in Asia and now almost anywhere else, is green tea. Green tea is supposedly very good for you and it comes with many healthy benefits.  Another country known for drinking tea is England. They have "tea time" with things such as cookies or some biscuits. They may drink "English tea. "Those are the couple of places that I know associated with lots of tea. In the US, we have tea imported to us and we drink whatever appeals to us. Tea is a universal element.